Still Think Skipping Your Moisturizer Is A Good Idea?

Still Think Skipping Your Moisturizer Is A Good Idea?

Opting Out of Your Moisturizer In The Morning 

If you are anything like me some mornings than applying moisturizer can be the furthest from your mind when you're busy trying to get your kids ready for school and making sure you're ready to head to work as well, however did you know that there are long term effects on the skin when you keep skipping your daily moisturizing each day. 

You may be looking down at your skin now saying to yourself that you barely use moisturizers and you look just fine. That may be true but lets take a look at what happens to our skin over a period of time. 

After a few days you'll start to notice that your skin is a little dry and starting to look ashy, which for some people they don't seem to be bothered by this. However after a month your skin will start to show signs of damage from being depleted  of moisture. At this point you may also start seeing signs of inflammation.


Benefits of Using Moisturizers

So now that you know what happens to the skin after long-term neglect, let's talk about some of the benefits of keeping your skin moisturized.

What type of lotion or moisturizer should you be using? Make sure you are opting for something that is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. The goal isn't just to slather a lotion or moisturizer on the skin but its also to apply a product that is rich in nutrients so you are able to maintain healthy skin. 



Using moisturizer every day helps reduce common skin issues like dryness and blemishes. People who are battling dry skin and eczema can help reduce flare-ups by following a simple skincare routine like the one listed below.


Simple Daily Skincare Routine 

  • Shower in warm water
  • Use mild unscented soap
  • Pay dry 
  • Follow up with unscented moisturizer (use a natural option if possible)
  • Increase your daily water intake


I know something as little as skipping your moisturizer in the morning can seem harmless however as you've read above it is important to carve out time to love on your skin each day. 

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